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If you are thinking about decorating your homes, kitchens, workplace, etc., then LED strip lights are the perfect choice. Many homeowners are replacing old halogen lights with LED strips and most lighting projects look better with these strip lights installed. Without compromising on quality, you can make the finest decorative addition to your home or office. The initial outlay towards purchasing the LED lighting can be reduced up to almost 90% when you install these lights. Led strip Lights are often seen in many hotels, pubs, restaurants and clubs.

It is vital for the hotels and clubs to use these effective LED lights on a large scale projects as one tenth of the wattage on the incandescent type of lighting is used by the diode on each of the strips. The lighting arrangements can be run in an affordable way and these lights can last as long as up to even twenty times the life of a light bulb. The LED Strip Lights have a life that spans anywhere between thirty thousand to fifty thousand hours.

One of the best features is the fact they are extremely easy to work with, this allows easy installation. Although easy to work with, if this is the first time you have used them it might be worth giving us a call to understand the product clearly. The location where you plan to use them needs to be measured carefully as you can get an LED strip the correct length when proper measurements are taken. The next thing to do is check the load or the requirement of power needed by the lights.

Depending upon the size, LED quantity and strip length, the load requirement can vary. We can provide the right source of power needed according to the specifications provided.   The performance of the light is dictated by the controller / supply it is connected with. If modifications are required, they can be done. The length can be reduced at the end which is opposite from the transformer, with a pair of scissors. No mounting is necessary as they can be stuck wherever required with the adhesive reverse. If you wish to extend the length an extension lead can be used.

LED strip / LED Strip Lights are here to stay for a long while and the stats say it all!